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I only have a few squares, but I got a cuddle and zanny T I'd like to mail. Usually I just slip them in with a bunch of squares, but I was wondering how our members mail so many sweaters/cuddles? What do they declare them as? I'm asking because I'd like to make more without having to make 20-30 squares for each piece.

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As always, Cherry, do not declare the contents of your package as anything  other than "Knitting for charity - no commercial value"

I often mail a couple of cuddles with just a few squares on top in case the package is opened.

No, what I mean is do you say "five squares" on the customs form? See what I mean?

No Cherry - you do not need to itemize how many items and what they are.  In fact we ask that you do not do this. 


Please read the discussion on customs slips at



It is only necessary to state "Knitting for charity - no commercial value" on the customs slip just as it says on the exterior mailing label  that KAS asks us to put on our parcels,

My PO makes me say specfics like Mary Anne's example:

I have to say whether it's squares, hats, etc, and how many of each. They won't let me say just "knitting for charity" - they don't accept it.

 Sorry to restate the question, but if I have only five sweaters for example, and no squares, would saying "Hand knitted sweaters" be okay? Or should I say the equilvalent number of squares for that amount of knitting?

I haven't heard of anyone in the UK having this problem.  Hold off mailing until we get an answer.

Oops, sorry Cherry.  I thought you were the UK Cherry, and just realized you are the USA Cherry!


I'll check with some of our Americans who mail a lot and try to get you an answer.

Cherry, I have just emailed my friend Helen Flagg in Texas.  She has been mailing to KAS for years.... including lots of KasCuddles (She designed it!!)

Hopefully she will post something into this discussion within the next day or two. Keep an eye out

Hi, Cherry!  Just received Anne's message!

I am in Houston and use our local post office.  I always put "Knitting for Charity" and don't have to list the items just the total number. 

If your post office is giving you grief about this, could you go to another post office?  You might find a more forgiving postal clerk elsewhere.

I have never had the problem you are facing.  We mail boxes from our church group and put the cuddles, sweaters, hats, vests and slipins on the bottom and squares on the top.  Then we list the total of all knitted and crocheted items where the customs form asks for a number.  Really sorry you are having this problem.  I do think another post office might be the answer.

Well I'm feeling a little bit lucky...I don't have to put a total of items...I just write "knitted squares for charity"..I don't declare any other items when it asks to list what's in there.... now if I could just get them to accept $0 value I'd be one very happy gal.  :))

Thanks Helen.  You are probably right about trying another post office!

Lets hope Cherry finds one that is 'more forgiving'.

If not, Cherry, your idea of listing the equivalent number of squares for that amount of knitting would be good.  Customs might well decide that the term handmade sweater indicates some commercial value.

Sometimes we have to "do what we have to do" to help Ronda avoid paying duty. I include a lot of slip-in items in boxes I declare as 'knitting for charity"

I tell myself it's "righteous smuggling" and my conscience never bothers me.



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