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FATHERS'S DAY - Celebration of the Men who support KAS and its Members

Sunday 16th June is Father's Day and time to celebrate the work of KasMen everywhere!

Mili K (Croatia) wrote on the Canadian Group page, "It's nice to read how many husbands are involved especially in the packing and posting of parcels. What if in the month of June, when we have Father's Day, we talk about the male role in KAS?"


The Moderator Team felt this was a long overdue discussion !


We would love members to share stories of the support given to them by the men in their families, be they husbands, Dads, brothers, cousins, friends, in-laws................................. past and present. It will not matter what - after all, Aesop said, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.", we will enjoy reading them as it will continue to prove that there is much goodness in the world than the news media would have us believe!


Many members often mention the help they receive from their husbands or friends when adding to discussion posts.


Anne Powell (Canada) mentioned her friendly Postmaster.


Jana Hruba (Czech Republic) said her Hubby was tired of looking at her crocheting from an ugly plastic bag and brought her a wonderful travel crochet bag.


Valerie Zalewski (France) recently posted a photograph of Gerry the local Librarian being roped in to help unravel some donated yarn!


Below are some photographs of the work of several of the men folk who not only support KAS, but knit, crochet and weave! 

We have managed to procure a photograph of Dave Maltby (Canada) in action!

Dave's hat for Craft for a Causegetting on nicely!Chunky Go-OverWavy Stripes SquareGo-Over square

A combination of Earth Sky and Cameoflage squarePlayful squarePeruvian Paint 2My first squarePuff square

Knitting squares to make blankets is like putting your protective arm around a vulnerable child.

Roger G McDonald


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As Pam mentioned above, I want to give a shout out to Doug, our local Postmaster.

In my little hamlet of Leaskdale, there are only about 135 homes.  The P.O. is located in the general store/gas station (our entire business section!!).  The entire floor space of the post office room is only slightly larger than my dining room table, so when I arrive with 10 or 20 boxes, it must create chaos.  Doug never complains, always runs out to my car to help me carry boxes in, and looks after everything, including preparing a bill for the church sometime later.

A couple of months ago, Doug (who lives and attends church in another hamlet a few miles away) turned up at St. Paul’s one Sunday.  It happened to be the day I was doing our annual Square-Off fund raiser, so I had a big display of bundled squares and KAS photos in the foyer.  He was really delighted to see what KAS is all about, and went home with a handful of brochures in hope of getting something started in his church.

Doug is always cheerful, always helpful, and always excited to see more stuff being mailed to KAS. (Alas, he doesn’t knit – otherwise he’d be perfect).

Thanks Anne, that is a wonderful tribute to Doug the Postmaster!

I agree that's pretty cool to read about him. Thank you for telling us about him.

What a great story Anne :) Thanks for sharing :)

How nice to have such a supportive Postmaster.

How delightful Anne. What a man to be on your team. :)

I think that my tale is one that many KAS knitters can echo.  My Mr. Wonderful is my partner Terry Ward. He's very impressed that 10,000 or more knitters and crocheters all over the world make 8" blanket squares to be sewn together by many other women in South Africa to make blankets to keep children warm.

 As an engineer and general problem solver he's particularly  impressed with the design of the KAScuddle (he saw me knitting them and wanted to know what the hell it was).  On examining the finished article he was struck by how nifty it was and how much more successful it would be in keeping a wriggly toddler warm all night than a blanket.

 I once offered him a ball of wool and a pair of knitting needles to make his own contribution to a blanket.  He replied that he draws the line at knitting, but he'd pay the postage on all my parcels, and he does, he even reminds me when I haven't presented him with a receipt for a while.  I have one for 17 pounds 70 pence for him when he gets home from work and he won't mind a bit.

AND I think there are loads more fellas out there just like him.......

So ladies, lets hear it for our male KAS fans.  The contribution doesn't have to be monetary or production of squares, their encouragement means a lot.       

                                                                          Roz x

Ah Roz, what a treasure Terry is!  Paying for postage without blinking an eye - that takes a lot of beating! Thank you for your contribution, it is lovely!

What a lovely story, thanks for sharing it Roz. :)

How supportive !

Yay Terry - a true KASman!

rosamund, I share your good luck in having a generous and supportive partner. My husband is my closest ally in the struggle to give some relief to the children, although he does tease me unmercifully calling me Captain Hook or Miss Crochet. He very often pays the postage on the parcels. But the nicest thing he does for mr is acting as chauffeur. Due to some little health problems, I don't drive. He drives me every week to my Entente Cordiale knitting club meeting, come rain or come shine. The distance is not enormous, but just far enough that he can't comfortably drive home then pick me up later. So, he has to hang around for an hour and a half waiting for me to finish. He also drives me all over the place to pick up wool donations or squares, and doesn't even complain.

There's just one thing he's really stubborn about.....he won't learn to crochet or knit either! 



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