KAS Sisters, here we are, living a global nightmare, with almost every country in the world affected. We are all worried, many of us fall into the vulnerable senior group, and it seems the ‘new normal’ is to stay away from people, go out as little as possible, just hunker down and hope we and our loved ones don’t succumb to the virus.

Fortunately, our Forum is one of the safest places we can be.  We can reach out to our friends, chat, share our feelings about this pandemic and how it is temporarily changing our lives.  We can share ideas on how we are protecting ourselves as much as possible, how we are managing to keep from going nuts if quarantined, and maybe, just maybe, we can even find something to giggle about in the midst of this tragic event.  In other words, anything goes.

I hope we can fight this pandemic, armed only with knitting needles, crochet hooks, balls of yarn, our sense of compassion, and even our sense of humour.  I hope we can share our feelings in this safe place where no viruses can go (unless your computer has one).  It’s OK to express frustration or fears, and it’s OK to rejoice if you feel like it.  None of us have ever faced anything like this before – let’s get through it together, ’cause that’s what Kas Sisters do.

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When Anne started ‘Corona Corner’, she hoped it would help her KAS sisters to keep in touch during the difficult times that we are all experiencing. She was right, judging by the folk popping in to our ‘safe corner’ and sharing..... some contributions have been fun, some interesting and some beautiful and they lift our spirit...... thank you Anne.

This is a new rose in my garden, it’s scent is beautiful, I planted it in Anne’s memory.

What a lovely idea, Chris, and yes, thank you to Anne for starting this discussion which has brought us all closer together.

Your rose is just beautiful, Chris. Anne would have loved it.  :))

I agree. Thanks. It has been very difficult at times and it has helped.

Beautiful gesture, Christine. 

what a beautiful rose! And perfumed too. A lovely, lasting memory of a great lady. (This is almost identical to my wedding bouquet roses so long ago). With all the lockdowns I have been turning more and more to my garden and the nearby woods especially when very stressed or worried. I love the visual images shared here because they help me to retain focus on the really important things. thanks for posting this lovely photo.

Chris, what a loving tribute to our dear friend.  Anne would absolutely love this and she would be touched by your loving gesture of planting it in her honour.

I remember Anne saying she wanted a space for our members to 'gather together' and not feel so alone and isolated.  Corona Corner was her gift to us all.  She would be so pleased know we are using it and enjoying the space for sharing a bit of our world with each other ... xo 

Beautiful rose! I love roses very much but it´s too early for them to bloom / I mean in our garden/.

Karla, most of my roses are not blooming either, just the one variety, this is the standard rose of the same variety ‘Arthur Bell’....


Hello All, long time since I have been on the forum. Hope everyone is well and staying safe. Crocheted a rainbow for the front entry to my property, not much traffic goes by as I’m remote but anything to help. 


We can see it. Thanks for sharing. Stay well everyone.

That is lovely - and you never know who might go past even though you are remote.  That may be just the lift he or she needs.

How special, Nicole.  Thank you for dropping by and sharing this with us.  We all do whatever we can to reach out to those who might need to know they are not alone.  As Rebecca said, you just never know who might see it and smile ... xo

Here is Nicole's friendly greeting to passersby ...



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