Welcome to the 2019 KAS Blanket Room.  We invite you to view many of the wonderful blankets that are made from our crafters efforts.  Eight inch (20 cm) squares and completed blankets make their way to the KAS Barn and will eventually be featured on this discussion page.  We hope that you might see one of your creations.

   Many thanks to the crafters, gogos and sewing warriors that sew the squares into blankets.

Happy Viewing

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Each one unique! Lovely to see Marion’s bear with the honeypot in the 11th blanket up from the bottom, the colours of the other squares go with it so well :))

Thank you Bev for posting the blanket photos.  It is a tedious job [especially if Ning isn't co-operating].  Hopefully these blankets were part of the Mass Distribution that Tracy undertook and will now be keeping children warm. But if not, they will be wrapped around cold children very soon !

Always a delight to see my blankets/squares have arrived safely.  There are 4 pictured. A combination of my squares [the wheel spoke with variations] along with donated squares from generous people here in the Sault.  Marguerite loves to make the long strips equal to 5 or 7 squares and they work well and easier for me when I am sewing together before sending.

They are: the one above Marion's delightful honey bear[sewn together in SA by Rae]; the 4th one from the bottom and the last 2.

Now off to make up a parcel of donated squares and toys!

Gorgeous! Love the blanket with the bear and honey pot and all the pretty granny square blankets, so eyecatching.

Beautiful selection of wool crafting.   I spied quite a few squares of my own which is always a thrill.  Thank you X

Today's pics are a testament to the tenacity of our KAS sewing volunteers....proving no square sent to KAS is ever discarded. I have included a little note from Ronda.......

These blankets come in from a group calling themselves "NOT-A-SQUARE".
This is because they come in from time to time and take the "miss-sized"
squares, crochet around them to make them fit for purpose and then stitch
them together, and the resulting blankets are delightful.  They are
Leigh-Ann Tonkin and her friends, who are neighbours in another suburb,
Wendy and Barbs. By coincidence Wendy and Barbs happen to be neighbours of Tracy Timberlake -whose large order for 950 blankets was finally fulfilled. Small world !!!

Thank goodness for these fantastic women. They certainly work magic with these mismatched squares.

OMG, one can only admire these! The amount of work to save those non 20x20 squares!! Nevertheless, those blankets are truly fab!!

More beautiful squares/blankets from March 26th. I spy with my little eye, a dinosaur from Marion, a cute teddy from Jude, some caring word squares from Amy and a blanket from Heather....they look great!! Valerie you will be thrilled, I'm sure, to see Mireille's blanket, too.  :))   I am sure I have seen the pink/blue c2c before, but cannot put my finger on the crafter....my apologies.....same with the gorgeous yellow-based hexagonal squared blanket.

Absolute beauties every one, and oh the colours, imagination and dedication to our wool crafting is sublime ❤️

I can only agree with Karen! Thank you Bev for your commitment to sharing the wonders of the blanket room with us :)) x

Wow, some gorgeous blankets here. Love the one with the bear square and the one with the granny squares that look like hexagonal flowers, just beautiful!

These are all so gorgeous. Mireille will be happy to see that her blanket has arrived safely.



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