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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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We are like-minded, Wendy.  :))

Lots of beauties, but I'm a sucker for stripes too..... I love the last blanket :))

All those gorgeous stripes. They certainly have brightened a very wet , miserable morning here!

And then there were 4. Amy your fabulous Granny Vehicle squares have turned into 4 amazing blankets for KNIT A SQUARE to distribute to the vulnerable children. Just in time for this chilly weather.
Jan Hills thank you for Number 4. You are brilliant to have crocheted half squares so that you could Centre the bus.
Amy you were inspired crocheting these squares thank you. I’ve kept them together so we can have a show and tell tomorrow at KAS.
I’ve edited the post as I’ve had a couple of requests for the names of the volunteers and friends who put these together.
Yellow Jan Hills

Red/ black. Estelle Mcleod
Red/ turquoise. Liz Murphy
Green Sarah Phasha

3 more from Rae Logie for the children. Thanks Rae and all of the contributors who knitted and crocheted these lovely squares for KAS

My blanket for the week. Amy Pettigrew USA you are such a clever and generous lady. These amazing picture squares just keep on arriving at KNIT A SQUARE.
Thank you so much. I used some of Anneke Sevinks NETHERLANDS PJ’s to complete the blanket. Anneke your squares are a pleasure to work with. Same size and lovely yarn. Thank you.

Two fabulous blankets from Waterfall Estate.
A Cath Riley/ Liz Murphy creation...striking colours, soft warm yarn and beautifully sewn together by Liz.
Marioth your blanket is good enough to eat. Delightful squares from Fleur Downer SOUTH AFRICA...beautifully stitched together and I love the way you arranged your cupcakes cakes.
Thank you all so much. These are going to warm our precious children.

All are lovely! The Cupcakes blanket is especially gorgeous too. I love to see the creativity of other knitters/crocheters, well done everyone!

Thank you for showing Amy's four blankets, together...what a treat!!

A truly beautiful collection this morning. Hip, hip, horray to all the crafters and seamstresses.  xo

Amy, how wonderful to see all your squares together, the colour combinations are so well chosen. Love the cupcakes!

Absolutely Fantastic.   I love seeing all four of Amy's cars in their completed blankets.   Thank You for doing that, extra work, but worth it.  

What a lovely blankets, all of them! Thank you so much Estelle for using my squares together with Amy Pettigrews piece of art beautiful bear! All other blankies have stunning color combinations and I love those cars! Not to mention the cupcakes.....wow! xo

Photos and comments from Estelle:

I collected these blankets from Audrey today on my way to KNIT A SQUARE. Thank you Audrey for joining them so beautifully. The pink and blue squares are from Meera Khandoo’s family. Meera is from RMB and has supported KNIT A SQUARE since I have been there. Thank you and your family Meera.
The blue and orange one is a Cath Riley. It’s gorgeous thanks Cath. I was just wandering Cath if you ever get Tennis Elbow? I seem to have it from all the edging of blankets. I played tennis 5 times a week and never got Tennis Elbow.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Heather your amazing blankets also arrived today. I’m always thrilled to open your parcels...such lovely blankets and I see that you are up to parcel number 91. That is truly incredible. I remember that the first blanket I stitched together was one of yours and I was so nervous because the squares were so beautiful.
Thank you for supporting KAS.

Image may contain: stripes

Image may contain: stripes

Oh, Estelle …. I am so sympathetic to your Tennis Elbow.   I developed it last year while making toys for Amy's theme.   I actually used a Tennis Elbow brace for awhile when doing crochet.   I tried to be more careful this year.  HA HA!   I gave myself tendonitis in both thumbs! 

I just returned from a multi-day trip to visit an elderly relative.   I took several projects with me, but we were so busy the whole time that I never did one stitch.   I'm hoping the imposed rest has healed the sore thumbs. 

Please take care of yourself, because we really need you!

More from Estelle:

Christine Chiplen two of your fabulous blankets arrived today. Your Christmas theme one and a lovely blue one. Thank you. Thanks for including Judith’s lovely squares which she named for members of her family and thank you Judith for the generous donation for each family square you sent to to KNIT A SQUARE.

Image may contain: stripes

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Ronda hiding behind Karla’s gorgeous teddy bear blanket that arrived at KNIT A SQUARE today. Thank you Karla from The Czech Republic. The children will love this blanket.

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