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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Looks beautiful, Linda.   Isn't it amazing how it all just seems to work???

Athele had more blankets to take to the KASBarn today !  Sharon B's Teddy looks great in the blanket.

"I just Love how these blankets turned out - considering all the different parcels from all over the world that it took to make a collection that blended together. Have to confess to being proud that I managed to make Three this week (having a bad cold kept me in bed and did help towards that ;) ) I'm glad to have them to contribute just as winter begins to bite down, but a little sad to have to let them go. I always get a couple of days each week with them gracing my bed before I have to relinquish them... but I can only imagine how glad the children who get these gorgeous ones will be.

Image may contain: stripes

Which is your favorite?

Estelle do you recall who contributed the Roses ... it would be lovely if they could get to see what they inspired ...."

Image may contain: stripes and indoor

Image may contain: stripes and indoor

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Thanks to Estelle for crocheting a border for this lovely collection of squares I sewed together to keep another impoverished child warm this winter on behalf of Knit-A-Square.

Image may contain: stripes

These are lovely, Athele.

Beautiful blankets, Athele...you have made those beautiful roses shine.  :))

Thanks for posting, Linda.  :))

My little Teddy looks so happy with all the surrounding squares.   Once again, Great Job by all the volunteers.

And those roses are GORGEOUS!   What a beautiful way to brighten the day.

Have just got back from a week away with no computer. I'm so glad to have come back to all these beautiful blankets. So much colour, and so many cute little squares with birds, floating bunnies,roses etc. It's awesome to think that these blankets are made from squares that come from all over the world.

From Estelle : Two more lovely blankets from Marioth Brown. Love the pink bird of “happiness “ from Sharon Bartels. Cath squares are super with the sparkles in the black. Unfortunately the pics don’t do any of these blankets justice. Thank you all so much for your continuous support.

Gorgeous blankets, and Sharon's little bird looks delightful in the centre of the blanket :))

I loving the grannies with black centers and black frames!  

And, again the birdie looks very happy with all the surrounding squares.   I'm always impressed by how you do this!

Two beautiful blankets...love the use of black by Cath, it sure makes the colours 'pop'.

Your pretty birdie looks very content in her surroundings, Sharon.  :)) 

From Estelle : 

Sadly this is my last Cath Riley to sew together, however the team still have some. I think I saved the best for the last Cath. The colours are brilliant and as usual it’s soft and warm. Thanks again Cath for your ongoing support for KNIT A SQUARE.

Oh!   Isn't that bright red perfect with the variegated???   Lovely, and looks so soft, too.



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