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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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A lovely, warm-looking blanket.


These are some KasBarn pics I took this morning as I went to sort out some blankets for Mandela Day distributions. People will be coming to collect EARLY on Tuesday morning so we needed some preparations to be put in place beforehand. We received some blankets from gogo groups last Tuesday, so thankfully will JUST make up the numbers required for Mandela Day distributions. One or two are going to be of beanies and hand-warmers only this year, by necessity. Such a shame, as the weather is colder this year than it has been for several previous winters ! But, "that's the way the cookie crumbles" as South Africans are inclined to say!

Most of these blankets were returned last week by the ladies who call themselves "NOT-A-SQUARE" - Barbs and Leigh Ann and Wendy - who take the most UNSQUARE squares from us and very cleverly make the most beautiful blankets out of them !  Barbs once said, no square should be unravelled, even for gogo group wool supplies, because every person who makes a square wants to see it in a blanket ! She may be right, but from a practical point of view we certainly were having some unravelled into balls of yarn. However, we LOVE Barbs' attitude and are always delighted to let her take the 'not so square squares'  - and we look forward to seeing her masterpieces a few weeks later.

You will see from the last pic, that I went this morning to the local charity wool shop and bought 120 balls of inexpensive wool expressly for the purposes of being able to give the gogo groups wool to crochet around the edges of all their blankets.  I am having to limit it to three balls per 45 blanket packs delivered to each group.

Each ball of wool cost approximately R10.57 which is pretty inexpensive, I would say.The whole cost was R1268.50 for 120 balls of wool.

Wow!! aren't those ladies  just soooooo patient and talented to fit the different shaped squares into stunning blankets??!!  I have two or three 200gm balls of yarn that I have had sitting there for KAS for ages, but every time I send a parcel, either the storage bag is full, so I say 'next time', or I forget that they are there....will try to remember for next parcel.

Oh dear. am thinking that my Mandela Day squares (sent airmail) didn't make it to the KASbarn in time...perhaps stuck in the p.o. or doing a tour of SA.....hahaha.......but on the UPSIDE, I have spied a batman square I made some time ago, in a blanket....HAPPY DANCE!!

Thanks for the pics, Pam.  :))

Bev - I spotted that Batman square and it really made me smile!

Aww, thanks, Rebecca.  :))

Lovely, the ladies who use up the not so square squares are really talented and patient in making them into such lovely blankets. I do hope there is a resolution to the postal strike soon, as the shelves are looking really bare! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Incredible how all those off-size/off-shape squares are able to fit together.  These are very special blankets, indeed.

I am fascinated to see the ingenuity of the ladies in making all the irregular squares fit in.  I love the name "Not A Square"...adorable.  Bravo ladies!  You are triumphing big time.

I must remember to tuck more yarn into my next parcel for some of the Gogos to use.  If I haven't had the energy to make a ton of squares and sometimes I don't, I can at least diminish my yarn stash and benefit the Gogo's at the same time!  :D 

Lovely photos and my hat is doffed to the creative determined "Not A Square" ladies.  Way to go girls!

Love, Jeanne xxxx

Those "not-a-square" ladies are so talented. There blankets look just like crazy patchwork blankets.

I have yarn that I could send for the gogos, but I have the same problem as Bev. I never remember to leave enough space to fit in more than the occasional skein .

Wow Not A Square ladies... such patience. That black and pink number is a stunner!

Agree Susanne, we love ALL the squares, and even the rectangles (not so square squares!) that people send. So it is great that we have these talented ladies who ensure nothing goes to waste and are adept at turning them into interesting blankets!

Hi Pam, what weight are the yarn balls you bought?  I'm guessing from photo 100 Gm.  I did the conversion to Australian dollars and at $1 07 Aussie dollar that is half the price of the cheapest yarn we can buy here ( 100 Gm)



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