Athele is on the road again with a loving distribution to the Pafuri region in northeastern South Africa.

She is graciously being sponsored by one of our groups in the UK.  

All these entries come from her journaling on Facebook.  We hope you enjoy her adventure in her little Blue Bird as much as we do.

This first entry is from June 30.

Spot Logan, my grandson, photobombing my attempts to capture the piles of over 50 blankets and beanies, plus over 100 fluffy toys I hope to hand it to impoverished children next weekend, in Bende-Mutale, Pafuri region in Venda. Estelle McLeod and her team and I have been furiously cobbling squares together for this trip, so we could take best advantage of the kindness of a couple of the Amazing supporters of Knit-A-Square SA who are sponsoring my fuel and toll costs to do this, when they heard about all the children running after me saying ‘What about me??!’ after my early May distribution. Can’t wait to give to them too!!! Bless all the loving hands and hearts that are going to make this possible. Special thanks to Estelle for Also edging countless blankets of mine and other ladies in her team who also don’t crochet.

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July 6, 2019

We did it! Or rather Mands, the master, did it!! 
Want to guess how many blankets, beanies and toys we managed to cram in along with all our provisions, including water?

I don’t know how but we managed to fit all the goodies I’d hoped we could into the little blue bird to take up to the impoverished village children of the Pafuri region. So blessed Mands volunteered to join me! Was a daunting task, now it’s another wonderful adventure. Should be there by mid afternoon Stand by for pics of happy surprised children when the loving arms of Knit-A-Square roll into town. So Very grateful to all the contributors who made this possible. Especially the darlings who sponsored the cost of this trip. You must know how much joy you’re about to sprinkle on so many lives.

Trish Gribble green blanket is loaded in.

Some very happy Knit-a-Square ‘customers.
Pafuri region 

Comments from Estelle: And there are Elaine Joubert’s green & blue squares.

And a blanket from the Clear Lake Methodist Churches squares.

Another 9 surprised and delighted little kiddies when the blue bird of Knit-A-Square care swooped into Bende/Mutale village. This little group gathered when we stopped to give to the little girl in rags ... 
pafuri region 
 — at Limpopo.

Feeling much kindness......the group that sponsored the trip, the Knit A Square crafters who made and sent all the beautiful goodies, Estelle and her wonderful team (and Athele) for sewing together the blankets and finishing them with a lovely crocheted edge.....and last but by no means least, Athele and her friends for everything they did to make this happen.....and Athele's grandson, for his very important photo bombing job.  :))

Thanks for sharing, Amy. xo

Thank you, thank you, thank you Athele and all who made this trip possible to help such needy children. Through your acts of love and kindness these children will be warmer and know that others care about them, what joy!

As the sun sank news of the blue bird swept through the village and the children streamed in, first a small trickle which quickly grew into an excited crowd of about 30 children, who were thrilled to each receive the gift from Knit-A-Square SA of a blanket, beanie and toy. It was really chilly here last night and as I sank into my warm bed I felt so happy thinking of the forty plus kiddies who would be sleeping warmly in the village as well, hopefully knowing that people in the world do care. 
Bless all the kind hearts who made this possible!

She may not look it, but trust me, this little girl was ‘takara ngamand!’  with her gorgeous handmade bunny, complete with tail, shoes and dress. Bless the darling heart somewhere in the world who made this for a disadvantaged child in South Africa and Knit-A-Square who made this possible. 
Bende-Mutale village

The next group of happy little faces, thrilled with a beanie and toy from contributors to Knit-A-Square South Africa. Bringing colour and joy into so many little lives. 
Bende-Mutale Village
Pafuri region 

Thank you Amy for sharing Athele’s trip snd distributions with us all........ very moving.

In the 2nd photo from the bottom, a little girl is holding a little monkey. This is one I bought at a local children’s hospice charity shop. One of their crafters makes toys for me to send to KAS; her husband passed away and she is trying to find ways to cope without him..... knitting these toys being one. I’m sure she will be delighted and uplifted to see on of her toys in the hands of its new owner. 

That's lovely.  I find making toys difficult and I could never make anything as good as that monkey.  She'll be thrilled to see that.

What an amazing bounty of happiness, warmth and love.   A tremendous sight!    Good luck !

That is so lovely Chris!! I hope seeing the monkey in the hands of that lucky littlie gives her much joy.  :))



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