Athele has recently taken a trip up north to the Bende Mutale area of South Africa. it is a 613 Km/381 mile trek.  Along the way she has been distributing KAS warmth to those in need.  These photos come from her Facebook page and we hope you enjoy.  

All the entries are from Athele personal journaling.

First of a few in a series of pics I plan to post of joy Ayla and I, on the back of the Knit-A-Square SA world-wide community, brought to the impoverished people of the far flung corner of South Africa called Pafuri. These two boys we found herding a drove of donkeys on this stretch of road to the village we were staying at. They were totally shocked and delighted when my little blue bird suddenly stopped beside them and they got to choose from a pack of thirty toys we’d taken up with us. I can pretty much guarantee they were the first toys these boys had ever received, let alone in such a ‘manna from heaven’ fashion!

Please keep reading to be a part of the journey...

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Thank you for posting the inspiring pictures and photos!

Thank you Amy for sharing this heart-warming distribution by Athele and friends.

Winter is certainly closing in, here in Oz and I imagine that it is similar in South Africa.

What a surprise it must have been for the two boys along the way...brought a smile to my face and a tear to my special!!

Estelle, I hope you can see how chuffed this little chap was with his extra special blanket which you loving sewed and edged. I kept it for a child who was especially vulnerable. Please do thank the contributors of the special squares that tell such a story of love. Blessing the many hands contributing to Knit-a-Square SA who brought this blanket, beanie and toy to this truly impoverished child. You need to know that nothing wonderful and magical like this has ever happened to this young fella. Here’s hoping it’s the start of many more blessings in his world.
May 2019

Thank you Amy for sharing these posts. I really which that all the contributors could see exactly where their completed blankets go but it’s not so easy when our ladies are distributing about forty blankets at a time. Athelé has a wonderful way with words so we are grateful to read her stories about the children.

I've loved reading the reports of your trip, Athele. I'm thrilled to see the boy who received some of my picture squares. I hope they bring him great joy.

Somehow One pair of hand warmers found their way into the bag of goodies I took up to Bende-Mutale village. This little fella was thrilled to have them, along with a beanie and fluffy hand made lamb from Knitting for Others, UK. Blessings and gratitude to all who contribute to Knit-A-Square SA and make these wonderful outreaches possible!

Thank you Athelé. I'm very touched. Thanks Amy for sharing. 

Aww that's so lovely.

Another in my series from Bende-Mutale village distribution I did for Knit-A-Square This is my friend Gundo’s daughter, enchanted with her ‘poppie’ as they call it there, having no word for doll in their language and that being the Afrikaans word for doll. Bless the loving hands that made this for her.
Pafuri region
May 2019

Gundo safeguarding blanket, while daughter does same for her new doll. Off to do the day’s business

This dear little girl is the daughter of Gundo, one of the little girls I befriended in the village nearly 20 years ago, during the few years when Oliver and I lived in the tree house a few k’s away. Full circle and such a sense of blessing to be able to give her this blanket, of squares I collected and sewed together from generous contributors to Knit A Square SA from all over the globe. Thanks to Estelle McLeod for the beautiful scalloped edging and all for the squares to make up this blanket, as well as the toy and beanie that will be cherished by this impoverished child for sure. Judith / special thanks for your lovely appliqué squares that are always an inspiration.

Yay for Jude's teddies!!......they always find a welcome home and warm a child in need.

Little Success getting to grips with the fluffy toy from Knit-A-Square. She didn’t stop chewing on it from the moment I put it in her sweet little hands. Mom Portia was equally thrilled with her beanie and blanket, made from The softest squares ever. Was lovely to see up! I think the squares came from Croatia and of course the teddy square from Judith Sullivan.
Bless all the kind hands that made this gift that means such much to Mom and daughter who have so very little, possible.



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