Athele has recently taken a trip up north to the Bende Mutale area of South Africa. it is a 613 Km/381 mile trek.  Along the way she has been distributing KAS warmth to those in need.  These photos come from her Facebook page and we hope you enjoy.  

All the entries are from Athele personal journaling.

First of a few in a series of pics I plan to post of joy Ayla and I, on the back of the Knit-A-Square SA world-wide community, brought to the impoverished people of the far flung corner of South Africa called Pafuri. These two boys we found herding a drove of donkeys on this stretch of road to the village we were staying at. They were totally shocked and delighted when my little blue bird suddenly stopped beside them and they got to choose from a pack of thirty toys we’d taken up with us. I can pretty much guarantee they were the first toys these boys had ever received, let alone in such a ‘manna from heaven’ fashion!

Please keep reading to be a part of the journey...

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Nelson and Ida Baloyi were thrilled that we had all these goodies to give to their children Madeleine, Philippé and Tompo. Bless all the contributors to Knit A Square SA that made this possible. I felt so lucky to be the one to put them in the hands of these impoverished children, who happen to be my friends in the village of Bende-Mutale with whom I always stay, now that Oliver and my tree house is no longer possible. Bende-Mutale, Pafuri, Venda.

Madeleine Loved this knitted fella that came in from Knitting for Others, London.

Phillipé was completely smittenwith his dragon from the moment he saw it. Even used it as a pillow to sleep and cuddle.

Just enjoying the other toys while waiting for word to spread and the kiddies in surrounding homesteads to begin drifting in.

Tompo (Shangaan for Respect) was absolutely delighted with his beanie, giving a rare smile to make sure I know of his joy.

Madeleine loving her new beanie, thanks to the kind Knit A Square contributor who sent it in to us! One of 30 children’s beanies and 30 adult beanies Ayla and I were blessed to distribute to this largely forgotten village in the furthest North Eastern corner of SA, Bende-Mutale, Pafuri. One kilometer from the Pafuri gate to Kruger and about 35 km from Crooks Corner, where South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe converge.
Note (if you’re following my promised stream, she now has a different dollie strapped to her back. Never fear, she was just testing it out along with a few others and did only get to pick one in the end along with 29 other lucky children).
Do note the Beautiful Venda hand painted mud walls. All done with cow dung and various sands that are collected in different areas every year after the rains. And redone in a single day’s hard labour by Ida, on her hands and knees.

Cath, I was so glad to at least be able to get my hands on One of your many beautiful blankets to give to this greatly in need of support baby, in Bende-Mutale, Pafuri. Thanks to Estelle and her team for sewing it together in time for my trip up north. It happened to go so well with the beanie and toy her big sister and care-giver picked out for her. Bless you for your endless stream of care and generosity that makes such blessed distributions as this possible. You must know how treasured this good fortune will be to this family who has precious little. Will definitely warm heart and body this winter.

This little girl lives next door to the family we were staying with in Bende-Mutale. I was told she and her family are only Just scraping a living. A few of the kiddies in pics to follow are her siblings. I knew which at the time but I have to say I’ve lost track now. But then we did distribute 22 blankets, 60 beanies and 30 toys to deeply impoverished families in this tiny village in the Pafuri region. Thanks to all whom are making it possible for us to accomplish this outreach on behalf of Knit-A-Square SA. Estelle I think this is one of your crew’s blankets?

Same blanket in the KAS Barn

How adorable is this little chap in his collection of goodies from Knit-A-Square. Estelle darling, this one you so kindly edged for me, looked so gorgeous! I was super glad to be able to give it to this deserving child. 

So glad I managed to finish this Knit-A-Square blanket, just before we left for Bende-Mutale. This lovely girl is dealing with extreme poverty and was so grateful for the blanket. As was each child who received a gift of loveFrom Knit A Square.
Judith I hope you can get a glimpse of the lovely appliqué that was in the centre and set the blanket off beautifully. I’m pretty sure it’s one of your lovely creations. Sure to bring extra joy to this child who has so little by way of lovely things in her world to call her own.
Thanks to all contributors who made this possible.

Same blanket in the KAS Barn.

Thank you Athele for bringing warmth and putting a smile on the children faces. You are an Angel sent. 

Lovely report. I do love to feel so 'involved' in distributions even though I live hundreds of kilometres away in another country (the photos and reports make me feel like I am there).

So good to see the happy smiles on the children when they receive blankets, toys and hats.

Also makes me appreciate more all the things I have that so many others do not.

Sounds like a wonderful trip to a very deserving village!

Wow what an amazing trip, with so many deserving children.  It makes the heart sing to think even one square of mine might make a difference. Thank you so much for the wonderful report Amy.

It is so hard for most of us to imagine such poverty.  I am so grateful to KAS for giving me the opportunity to give something useful to these children.  I am sure that the joy of their children also lifted the parents' hearts a little as they work so hard just to scrape by.

Amy thanks so much for sharing Athele's report of the trip she and Ayla made.  It touches my heart so much to see this pictures, to know that loving hands in another country gave this love and support to these children.  As it will soon be winter there, I can imagine these blankets being very much needed indeed.  The two boys picking out wonderful for them....I smile when I think of their shock and delight. To say "doing good" is it's own reward is understating it. How much fun. I've read every post.  Thank you Amy...this has been a great read!  Truly warms my heart.



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