Knit a Square is planning its first ever mass distribution of blankets on April 6 this year.  You may have read about this in Leanne's Blog That Warm Fuzzy Feeling.  We want to give you some more information about this endeavor and have a discussion page dedicated to photos and updates.

Each bag is packed with ten blankets and these are ready to be picked up.

   The distribution is scheduled to take place on April 6, and Tracy Timberlake is organizing the event through her home church.  KAS volunteers will be involved and will assist as needed.

   The children who are to receive the blankets will come from informal settlements spread over a large area northwest of Johannesburg.  Here there are smallholdings, lots of plots and many farm-working families that live in informal groups.  Wendy and Ronda went to Kromdraai with Pastor Willem in 2012. This is one location from that area.  Ronda says she and Wendy were horrified at the living condition and the social degradation of the area.


  1. Our KAS Barn is located in Randburg, our post office is in Bryanston.    
  3.    Every weekend there are 950 children who walk, presumably with adults, up to 12 kilometers (about 7.5 miles) on Saturday to collect their weekly "ration" of food.  The man who set this up originally is currently having chemo treatments, so area churches have stepped in to help with the process.  Tracy's church is one of those organization.  The small idea of feeding a few has snowballed into a very large job.  Our KAS blankets and the food rations will be handed out by many helpers.

   Knit a Square is also providing a beanie and pair of hand-warmers with every blanket. Tracey's church members will be rolling these into the blankets before distribution.

   Tracey will pick up the first 500 blankets on February 19.

   What can those of us around the world do to help with this effort?  Well, our shelves will be empty and our supplies of beanies and hand-warmers will be  diminished. Those will need to be replenished before the cooler temperatures of fall and the cold temperatures of winter arrive.  KAS's distributions start in late April.

   KAS is hoping that with a distribution of 950-1000 blankets at one time, we will be able to save money on fuel, and still reach as many children as possible in need of being wrapped in warmth. (The average price of gasoline/liter in South Africa for the last three months has been 15.16 rand.  This equals 1.11USD/liter, or for those of you in the USA $4.21/gallon.)

   Please keep checking here for updates and photos from this event.

   As always, we thank every one of you for your continued support.



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March 5 found the KAS barn being restocked with lots of blanket from the gogos and others in preparation of the second batch of blankets (450) for the April distribution.  Check it out.

Thanks for posting these photos, Amy. Kas is keeping you busy! It's wonderful to see all the bags of completed blankets, everyone has worked so hard to be ready for this big distribution, it's very inspiring.

Thank you so much for these wonderful photos! I’ve enjoyed every moment of rolling the first consignment of beautiful blankets, hats, and hand warmers, and have carefully stacked the packages in my children’s playroom. 

We have a team of youth and young adults ready to roll blanket packs on Saturday 30 March (a week before the distribution) at our Church and look forward to collecting those 45 bags of blankets plus beanies and hand warmers from the KAS Barn on Tuesday 26 March! 

Quite a few of my squares are made up into blankets for this distribution. Third picture down has my blanket on top of the pile. I will keep Stephan Ferreira in my prayers. 

A great feeling, right Mili. Thanks. 

The first half of the Mass Distribution is complete. All the blankets have been picked up from the KAS Barn  by Tracey and her team.  This coming weekend they will be rolling hand-warmers and beanies into blankets for the distribution scheduled on April 6.  KAS Board members and Barn Volunteers, Wandi and Mable, are planning on joining the distribution efforts.

Here are some pictures of the two trips made on March 26 that were required to get the last 450 blankets to Tracey's church.  The van was packed to the brim on both trips.

Cael they young man pictured with Tracey and Michael, and is Tracey's third child.  She was pregnant with him when Tracey came to help with KAS the very first time.  This was when Ronda's house served as the KAS Barn.  Tracey is expecting baby number 6 in late April.  She is praying that this little one waits until after April 6, to make its debut into the world.

There had to be space for Tracey's two other children, too.

This means that the KAS barn shelves are empty for the moment , but we have blanket packs out to the gogo groups, and we continue to receive posts from our generous contributors from around the world.  We know the shelves will fill up very soon.

A GREAT success !!  Many Thanks to you ALL.

Wow!! Thanks Amy!! Fantastic!!

A heart-warming update.   I assume the storage area will now have a magnificent echo for a little while ❤️.   My needles are clicking to help restock supplies.   I admire your combined organisation skills and BRAVO to you all.

Here are some photos of the Blanket Rolling Event.

Tracy writes:

Blown away by the fantastic team effort at Sandton Bible Church today to roll and pack 500 Knit A Square blanket packs! In total, 950 blankets, hats, and hand warmers will be distributed next Saturday to the very deserving children Stephan Ferreira and ‘Charity Begins with Me’ care for every single week!

Production line

The production line grew as helpers just kept coming!

The only one lucky enough to sit a bit (in an effort to keep pesky contractions at bay).

Two hours and twenty minutes (including a pizza break) of team work!

Great teamwork! Heartfelt wishes for the Saturday distribution, looking forward to seeing some pictures. The children are going to be so happy.

A Note from Ronda:

Wandi, Nani and Mable are all going on Saturday to attend Tracy Timberlake's massive outreach at a  center named CLAW in the Durban Deep area of Roodepoort, which is on the West Rand and was previously a large and very busy gold mining area.  

We are so happy that they will be there to help, and to take photographs, then report back firsthand next Tuesday.



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