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This pattern is for the multicoloured ones in the foreground.

Toddlers Knitted Helmet

Uses Patons Totem, 8 ply wool (Australian) about 40 gm. (UK double knitting) (US worsted)

Needles size 8 & 10 ( 4.00 & 2.75mm)

Sizes :Fits head  A - 45cm  B - 48cm  C - 51cm

EAR FLAPS (Make 2)

Using No. 10 needles cast on 5 stitches

1st row - K.5.

2nd row - K.1, P.3, K.1.

3rd. row - K.2, *pick up looop which lies before next st. and (P.1, K.1) into it, K.1, pick up loop which lies before next st. and (K.1, P.1) into it*, K.2.

4th. and 6th. rows - K.1, P.1, K.1, P.3, K.1, P.1, K.1.

5th. row - K.2, P.1, K.3, P.1. K.2.

7th. row - K.2, P.1, K.1, work from * to* as in 3rd. row, K.1, P.1, K.2.

8th. and 10th. rows - Rib 5, P.3, rib 5.

9th. row - Rib 5, K.3, rib 5.

11th. row - K.2, (P.1, K.1) twice, work from * to as in 3rd. row, (K.1, P.1) twice, K.2.

12th. and 14th. rows - Rib 7, P.3, rib 7.

13th. row - Rib 7, K.3, rib 7.

15th. row - K.2, (P.1, K.1) three times, work from * to as in 3rd. row, (K.1, P.1) three times, K.2.

16th. and 18th. rows - K.1, * P.1, K.1, rep.from * to end.

17th. and 19th. rows - K.2, * P.1, K.1, rep.from * to last st., K.1.

Break off yarn and leave stitches on a thread.

Using No. 10 needles cast on 12 ( 14 - 14) sts., with wrong side facing rib across a set of ear flap sts., cast on 31 ( 33 - 39) sts., rib across second set of ear flap sts., cast on 12 (14 - 14) sts.....97 (103 - 109)  sts.

Work 6 rows rib as for Ear Flaps, beg. with a 17th row.

Change to No. 8 needles and multicoloured wool and work 22 rows stocking stitch. 

B only - inc.2 sts. in first row.

C only - dec 4 sts. in last row.......97 (105 - 105) sts.

Shape crown -

1st. row - K.1, * K.2 tog., K.10 (11 - 11), rep. from * to end.

2nd. and 4th. rows - purl.

3rd. row - K.1, K.2 tog., K.9 (10 - 10), rep. from * to end.

5th. row - K.1, K.2 tog., K.8 (9 - 9), rep. from * to end.

Cont. dec. in this manner in alt. rows until 17 sts. remain.

Break off yarn, run end through rem. sts., draw up and fasten off securely. I use this end to sew up back seam.


Using back stitch join back seam.

Using 2 strands of yarn, 1m...1yd... long for each cord, make 2 twisted cords and attach to Ear Flaps.

To do this I thread the yarn through the Ear Flap before twisting and let the helmet dangle while twisting. Once twisted enough, ensuring the flap is in the middle of the yarn, just fold the yarn in the middle at the flap and let it twist back on itself. Tie a knot in the cord about an inch from the end, neaten end and voila.....finito!


Added by Sue Drury: I have received permission from Patons to share the pattern I adapted from their Winter Warmers pattern book, Book 483. Basically I just left out the fairisle.

These are SO pretty and practical too, I love earflap hats.  One day I've promised myself to make one!

Alison's Knit-a-Square One Evening Hat - needed in sizes young teen to adult for kids 3+


Alison’s One Evening Hat


With the great need for hats for our South African orphans, this is an ideal pattern. It works up in an evening, is soft and stretchy so it will ‘grow’ with the child, and is so simple that even a beginning knitter will be able to make it.


Alison has this to say :"Here is a pattern I have been working on for a while which I have adapted to fit a wide age range. It is really warm and stretchy. I have been knitting these up in a single evening. It takes about 4 hours if you don't take too many tea breaks!


For size 3-8

Using Chunky yarn and 6mm needles, cast on 60 stitches


K2, P2 until hat measures 9 inches from the start


K2tog, P2tog across next row


Cut a tail about 15 inches long and thread through remaining stitches and off needles


Pull tightly to close the hat then sew up from the top.


Note - for size 8-14 - cast on 80 stitches and adust length if desired


The pattern is really easy to adapt and it would work just as well in 5.5 - 6.5 mm needles.


Now this is one I could print off and actually give a go.  Looks lovely!

Beanie pattern from Annie Jostons

Comment by Annie Jostsons on September 6, 2009 at 3:07am

As promised here is the pattern for the beanie.
I did the smallest size with an 8 ply wool. When it was finished it would easily fit a 2-5 year old, it is quite stretchy and the band can be rolled down to give extra length as they grow.

Using 4mm needles cast on 93 (93,103,113) stitches.
1st row - K1 *P1, K1 repeat from * to end
2nd row - P1 *k1, P1 repeat from * to end
Repeat the last 2 rows for 6.5cm finishing on a 2nd row and decreasing 1 stitch at each end of last row. 91 (91,101,111)
Change to 5mm needles.
1st row - (Right side) Knit
2nd row- K1 *P1, K1 below repeat from * to last 2 stitches P1, K1
These 2 rows form the pattern.
Continue in pattern until work measures 17.5 (19,20.5,21.5) cm's from beginning finishing on a wrong side row. If you like a deeper hat you can add an extra cm for length here.
Next row - (Dec row) K3tog *K5tog repeat from * to last 3 stitches K3 tog.
19 (19,21,23)stitches
Thread yarn through remaining stitches, draw up firmly and fasten off.
To make up join back seam by backstitching omitting rib. Join rib by top sewing reversing seam for turnback.
The pattern says to add a pom pom by attaching it to the crown but I left mine plain.
Where it says knit below - insert right hand needle into next stitch one row below and knit it.

Simple crocheted rectangle hat, large enough for kids 3+ up to adult

Turn, half double crochet or single crochet across the row.  Double crochet unless in a brushed yarn seems to be a bit gappy and not so warm.  You can do any stitch you wish so long as the dimensions equal 9x18 inches.
Continue rows until work measures 18-19 1/2 " in length.  
Cut yarn, leaving a tail 2 ft. long.  Using this sew up the side seam, the short side, making a wide "tube".  
Using yarn needle now take the same yarn tail and make large stitches around one end of the tube.  This is to pull it in and gather it.  Do this, secure it shut, knot the yarn, trim yarn tail to a few inches and weave in end.
You now have a basic hat that if made slightly wider, say 10-11 inches, will have a roll-up brim. 
If you wish you can do the rectangle "the other way around".  Start with a crochet chain of 18" in length, plus 3, turn and crochet back and forth across this until the work measures 9-10" in length.  You still sew up the shorter two sides together, it just means your stitches will go across the hat not up and down it. :)
The stitch used and the yarn weight used is up to you of course. Single crochet in back loops only makes it quite stretchy. The warmer and less gappy the better.  I've done a few hats in the alternating dc, sc pattern.  It works up fast and isn't gappy at all. :) Happy hooking!

I make this hat a lot....it's very easy to adapt to many different yarns and crochet stitches.  Fun.

gorgeous, i love the colours, it looks so soft and squishy

These are both lovely,Dana! Definitely on my to do list as soon as I learn to crochet!

So glad that pattern has been some use!  It's the one I always go to as I can remember it without hunting for the pattern!  :)  Dianne those are lovely thick hats, way to go!



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