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November 2016

NOVEMBER THEME 2015: Oceans,Land, Sky and Space

Thank you Anneke for the square heart.

Goes to:

Mme Legros

from Aubusson, France

Mme Legros [right] delivering  lovely cuddles to Valerie. .Mme Legros and others from CODERPA are amongst our quiet but regular contributors. More about CODERPA later.

Valerie writes:

I first met her at a CODERPA presentation of squares in 2014. She took yarn from a big basket of wool that I'd put out for people who might like to contribute to KAS. I received a phone call a few months later. She asked if she could bring over some squares and a cuddle that she'd made.  Since then she comes to see me every four or five months with her cuddles and sometimes some squares, which are always beautiful.....very colourful and textured. Also, she always gives me 20€ to help with postal costs.

6 Mme Legros cuddles

Some of Mme Legros's cuddles !

Mme Legros strikes again!

And more !

CODERPA was an organisation to help promote activities for the elderly, the retired and the differently challenged.  They were instrumental in forming Valerie's partnership with the local retirement homes and she received over 1000 squares each year.This year's presentation was a short time ago.

Suzanne who was a regular contributor died recently and another member Renée, is terminally ill in hospital. She has contributed squares and hand-warmers each year since it started and she insisted on continuing knitting.

Valerie commented that many of the contributors thanked her ! Valerie thought it was all  about her thanking them for helping KAS !

Renée is on the right taken at the 2015 presentation.

Renee's hand-warmers delivered a week or so ago.

Suzanne busy knitting

Rest in Peace sweet lady  and thank you !.

Unhappily CODERPA has now disbanded due to budget cuts, but many retirement homes and their retirees are continuing to provide Valerie with items for KAS, and they will soon have their own presentations organised.

Thank you Mme Legros for keeping so many little ones warm and cosy, and all of you for caring so much about the children of South Africa.

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Bravo Mme Legros, vos créations sont magnifiques. Merci du fond du coeur pour votre générosité. Merci aussi à tous les contributeurs / contributrices de CODERPA: Valerie, Renée, Suzanne (reposez en paix)

Congratulations, Mme Legros.  Your beautiful work goes a long way to warming many children.  Thank you for being so consistently diligent. 

Thank you Mme Legros for all the beautiful items you have created for KAS and congratulations on your well deserved SHA. :))

Such a well deserved award. Mme Legros is a star :)

THANK YOU Mme Legros. What a gorgeous collection of "cuddles"

Congratulations on your SHA, Mme Legros. Your work is beautiful; thank you for all you do for the children.

Real dedication from CODERPA as well; thank you all!

A huge thank you to you, Mme Legros, for your beautiful and consistent contributions.  Many children have and will benefit from your caring heart and busy hands ... xo

Mme Legros, thank you for all your beautiful work that has helped to keep so many children warm.

I sent a copy of this to Mme Legros and explained to her the idea behind the Square Heart Award as she doesn't speak English. She was quite amazed at being thanked for doing something that seems natural to her. She loves knitting and is just happy to have something that allows her to knit and help others at the same time. She thanks KAS for being honoured in this way.

She told me that she has 5 more cuddles ready and is working on a blanket with her friend, who is also a knitter.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful lady's thoughts and words, Valerie.  She truly is a KASangel :) xo

I can't wait to see the blanket as Mireille's squares are usually very beautiful and textured.

I am so pleased that Mme Legros got to know about our appreciation ! There is no stopping that lady with 5 more cuddles and a blanket with Mireille!



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