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It is so much easier for Ronda and the team in the new building

There is space to sort all the wonderful items sent by knitters and crocheters from around the world

Read about the move here

We can assist further by following a few guidelines:


1. Squares                                                                                             

-pack flat        

-tails neatly butterflied to squares

-bundle in lots of 5 or 10, if possible

2. Inside the parcel:

Fill in and include the packing slip 

Found here



           3. Check the Postage discussion before mailing.

  Received in :

                    July                           August**              September**

Tops:           317                               504                               213

Beanies:   1 937                           1 106                               615

Squares:  16 985                        15 491                         10 720

( 485 blankets)                       (442 blankets )           (306 blankets)

 **The list has been redesigned:  The countries are now listed alphabetically beginning with Australia.  Find your country first and then find your name, also listed in alphabetical order.

See attached file for July, August, September

Looking for the October list ? Because of technical difficulties in South Africa the lists are not yet available.  After I receive them, I will post the list asap ! Linda

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Hi Linda. Is KAS changing to this instead of updating the link 'square list' on the KAS home page link? The last one there is April.

Hi Maudie, we are using both sites to publish the Squares List.  It is important that people know their parcels are arriving and this is the easiest way for me to do that as I don't have access to the website.  Erica is very busy with work and has found it difficult to keep the website updated.

Ok Thank you. Yes the main thing is happy knitters. )

The Squares List is available for August ! 

Remember parcels take a while to arrive in South Africa and then must be opened, sorted and recorded. 

Scroll down the discussion to the list recorded in the August pdf found at the left corner**

 **The list has been redesigned:  The countries are now listed alphabetically beginning with Australia.  Find your country first and then find your name also listed in alphabetical order.

Thanks Linda! You're juggling so much KAS work(or play!).

Cherry, I enjoy everything I do for KAS especially the friends I've made :-)

Ahh my squares have arrived! Thank you for this. I sent my squares via a colleague who was travelling to South Africa so was pretty sure they'd get there, but it's still reassuring to read it in black and white :)

Hi Caroline, it is always nice to know the squares have arrived !  By now the squares will be in blankets keeping children warm.  It is still cold in South Africa.  Spring hasn't arrived yet.

Where's the October list? I forgot to put my email in my packages and I wanted to know if they arrived alright.

Cherry it is hard to wait for the list especially when you forgot your email address !   Are you using the packing slips ?  If not, here's the link:  http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/package-inventory-makin...

It will probably be a few more days before the list is on the forum as I haven't received the lists from South Africa. But since the end of the month was only on Thursday, it will be a while before it arrives.  Everyone is a volunteer and they must be exhausted after opening all the parcels on Thursday and then someone has to record what has been received...in their spare time.

Your parcel has probably already been opened and the squares sorted and into blanket packs, ready for the sewers.

Yes I usually do use the packing slips, I even filled out the form but I just forgot to put it in the package! I understand it takes awhile I was just hoping you had it... Wishful thinking :).

Been there, done that LOL



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